Club Rules

Club Rules

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Current Club Rules

Club Rules

Here are the rules that Preston Bowls Club adheres to as set in 2010.

Names and Objects

1. The name of the Club is “PRESTON BOWLS CLUB (BRIGHTON) LIMITED”. The objects are to maintain a Club for the accommodation of members, and to provide all the usual necessary privileges, advantages, conveniences and accommodation of a Club and otherwise as specified in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company.

Constitution of Club

2. The Club shall consist of Shareholders and Associate Members.

3. 1. The Club shall be managed by the Directors in accordance with the powers conferred upon them by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company and by these Rules.  The Directors shall appoint Committees and delegate responsibilities as necessary.

    2. The Directors shall have power to elect a President for such period as they determine. Such appointment shall be made from among the existing members of the Club who have been members continuously for at least five years.

    3. The number of Directors shall not be less than five nor more than twelve including the Secretary and Treasurer who shall be appointed by the Board regardless of their membership qualifications. The normal term of office for Directors excluding the Secretary and Treasurer shall be for a period of three years when they shall retire but be eligible for re-election. Directors may be appointed by the Board to fill casual vacancies until the next Annual General Meeting. The Directors shall elect annually a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson from among their number at the first Board Meeting following the AGM.

    4. Any Shareholder of the Club having been a member for three years continuously, shall be eligible for appointment as a Director providing the annual subscription has been paid and subject to being proposed and seconded by two other paid up shareholders who must also have been shareholders of the Club for two years continuously. Directors shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.  Should the number of nominations exceed the number of vacancies a ballot shall be held and those nominees with the highest number of votes shall be declared elected.

    5. The Club premises shall be open from 8.40 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. or as decided by the Directors from time to time. The licensing hours of the Club shall be determined by the Directors to be within the permitted licensing hours and in accordance with the Licensing Authority’s decisions given from time to time.

    6. Officers and Committees of Outdoor and Indoor bowls sections shall be formed from members of those sections who have been members of the Preston Club for a minimum of two consecutive years.

Nomination of Candidates for Membership

4. 1. Any person wishing to become a Shareholder shall be proposed and seconded by two Shareholders both of whom shall have been Shareholders for at least one year and shall all sign the nomination form.  Any person wishing to become an Associate Member shall be proposed and seconded by two Shareholders or Associate Members both of whom shall have been Shareholders or Associate Members for at least one year and shall all sign the nomination form.    By so doing, the Candidate agrees to abide by the Rules in the event of being elected. Applicants shall be interviewed by at least one Director before election.  On election new members shall be notified by the Club Secretary, furnished with a copy of the Rules and shall pay their subscription within one month from date of notification of acceptance. Applicants without sponsors may be considered by the Directors on production of two acceptable references.

    2. No Shares shall be issued to Associate Members.

    3. Associate Membership shall also be available at a discounted rate to non-bowling partners of bowling members, long serving bowling members and immediate family members in need of continuous care.

    4. The Directors may re-instate a former member who had previously resigned, or whose membership had lapsed through non-payment of subscriptions, on such terms as they consider fair and reasonable.

    5. On the appointment by the Board of Directors, the Secretary and the Treasurer, if not already members, shall be made members and enjoy all the privileges of members.

    6. The nomination form for each candidate for membership shall be delivered to the Club Secretary and shall be exhibited on the Club Notice Board for at least forty-eight hours before election. No person may be admitted to membership or be admitted as a candidate for membership to any privileges of membership without an interval of at least two days between their nomination or application for membership and their admission.

Election of Members

5.  The Directors shall have power to elect Life Members or Honorary Members.


6. 1. All subscriptions and fees will be as determined from time to time by the Directors and a copy displayed on the Notice Board.

    2. Each Shareholder shall be required to take and pay for one 50 pence Share in the Capital of the Company which is not returnable, nor is the Share transferable.

    3. The annual Shareholder and Associate Member Subscriptions (and any Indoor Bowls Supplements) are due on or before 1st September each year.

    4. Members elected after 28th February shall pay half the current subscription in force at that time.  No member may bowl on the Indoor Green unless they have paid the Shareholder Subscription.  This does not apply to Open Competitions. (Rule change agreed at the AGM 7 May 2015)

    5. Junior Membership shall be available to persons under the age of 21 years who shall not be a shareholder or entitled to vote or election to any office.  Their number shall not exceed 15% of the total membership of the Club at any time.  Whilst in the Club or representing the Club in an away fixture, members under the age of sixteen must be supervised by a parent/guardian or a Person nominated by them in writing.

    6. Temporary membership shall be available on application to the Club secretary, subject to a time limit of three months.

    7. Outdoor Bowls members shall pay an additional amount due on or before the 1st April each year.  No member may bowl on the Outdoor Green unless the subscription has been paid. This does not apply to Open Club Competitions. Indoor Bowls members may play on the outdoor green  up to three times in any one season on payment of twice the current indoor green fee.

Subscription in Arrears

7.  Members failing to pay annual subscriptions within the dates specified shall be deemed to have forfeited membership by default and shall forthwith cease to be members of the Club.  If the member has a Share in the Company, it shall be forfeited and their name shall be erased from the register of Shareholders. The Directors shall have powers to re-instate a defaulting member within the year of non-payment upon being satisfied with the circumstances of non-payment.

Termination of Membership

8.  Any member wishing to resign must give notice to the Club Secretary. On receipt of such notice, any share shall be forfeited.

Infringement of Rules and Expulsion of Members

9. 1. In the event that the conduct of a member is considered by the Board to be detrimental to the good name of the Club,  the Board will advise the member of this in writing and appoint an impartial committee to consider the circumstances and make a decision on the action to be taken. Any decision must be given in writing.

    2. As an Associate Member of Bowls England and the English Indoor Bowling Association, the Club is bound by their regulations. In the event of such disciplinary action being taken by the Club, any bowling member concerned must be advised of their right to appeal to the appropriate Association.

    3. The final decision of the Directors shall not be reversed. Any member expelled shall forfeit any subscription and Share in the Company and all rights to claim upon the Club, and shall not be eligible to be introduced as a visitor.

    4. A member having any cause for complaint against a fellow member or servant of the Club shall lodge such complaint in writing with the Secretary, who shall submit it to the Directors at their next meeting.

    5. It shall be the duty of the Directors and all officials of the Club to report to the Board of Directors any instance of unseemly or disorderly conduct on the Club premises coming to their notice.

Members Address

11.  Members shall send notice of any change of address to the Secretary. Notices sent to the last known address shall be considered as duly delivered.


12. 1. A member of the Club shall have the privilege of introducing a visitor (for whose conduct while in the Club the member shall be held responsible) provided that such visitor has not been rejected by the Board as a candidate or has not been called upon as a member to resign or been expelled. No visitor shall be introduced into the Club more than six times in one year.  Visitors shall not be allowed either directly or indirectly to pay for any refreshment they may have while in the Club.  Members shall enter the name and full address of their visitor(s) in a book kept in a prominent place for that purpose, and sign as the member introducing them.  In no circumstance shall a member be served with refreshment for his guest until this is done.

    2. Members of any other Club visiting the Club premises in connection with any sporting event, any social or other approved function will be admitted without payment and allowed to purchase intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises, the number of such visitors shall not at any time be significant in proportion to total membership.

Gaming Machines

13. 1. Any rental or duty payable by the Club in respect of the Part III Gaming Machines shall be paid from the machine proceeds.

    2. Distribution of any profit from the machines under a Part III registration certificate shall be applied solely for the benefit of the Club members as decided by the Board of Directors.

Alterations of Rules

14. 1. The Directors shall ensure that the Club is run in accordance with these rules and the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Any proposed changes to the rules shall be subject to approval in General Meeting.  A copy of the Club Rules shall be given to every member and a further copy shall be kept upon the Club Notice Board.

    2. In case of any dispute arising from the interpretation of these Rules or otherwise the decision of the Directors shall be final and binding upon all parties.

General Meeting

15. 1. A General Meeting of the Club shall be held at least once in every year and fifteen months shall not elapse without a General Meeting. A Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts shall be made up in every year to a date not more than six months before such meeting and laid before the members in General Meeting. The Balance Sheet shall be accompanied by a report of the Directors as to the state of the Clubs affairs and the amount, if any, which they propose to carry to the Reserve Fund.

    2. The Directors may, whenever they think fit, convene an Extraordinary General  Meeting. An Extraordinary General Meeting may also be convened on a requisition of 10% of the membership at the time of the requisitioning on giving 28 days notice to the Secretary.  No business other than for which an Extraordinary General Meeting is convened shall be taken at such a meeting.

    3. At any General or Extraordinary General Meeting the voting shall be confined to Shareholders, who shall have equal voting rights except that any member who has not paid their annual subscription shall be disqualified from voting. Any member entitled to attend and vote may appoint a proxy to attend, speak and vote on their behalf.  Proxy forms may be obtained from the Club Secretary and after completion returned to the Club’s Secretary at least 48 hours before the meeting.

    4. A further meeting shall be held immediately following the General Meeting at which the Annual Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts is presented, to appoint the Directors as the Purchasing Committee of intoxicating liquors.